Time to Shed Some Facts for Summer Dog Grooming Days

Think about this for a moment… It’s 82 degrees outside, with the summer sun beating down on your skin, and you are walking a five mile stretch in a heavy fur coat, shoulder to knee length. Now that is one hot, not-so-happening way to hang in the sun. This is exactly how a dog feels when he is still wearing his winter coat in the sweaty summer months. Summer dog grooming is important for the happy heart of your panting pup; time to shed the facts.

Dog grooming is the basic hygienic care and the necessary regular cleaning of a dog, any shape, size and breed. cooldogfacts From the pretty little poodles to great, golden retrievers, every winter coat needs to come off at some point. It is vital that when giving your dog an in-depth trimming, make sure you leave enough hair for his or her protection; their sensitive skin soaks up the rays for severe sunburn, and it is a breeding ground for parasites and problematic skin disorders.

“Happiness is a warm puppy.”

• Peanuts creator, Charles M. Schulz

Indeed this is true, but a cool puppy in the sweltering summer months is an even happier one; surely, Snoopy would agree. When it’s hot and humid, dogs shed their winter locks not only to look fine and dandy, but to feel cool and comfy. The undercoat needs to be discarded to allow for better air flow of the outer coat. Dog grooming provides him with an outer coat for insulation from the heat and perfect protection from the sun. If creating a cool-keeping coat for your pal is not really your forte, then perhaps a professional at a dog boarding service can assist you.

Summer time is a time for sweet, savory barbequing so while you’re out turning burgers, your dog will be out turning and tumbling in the grass and dirt; this spells disaster for tangles and mats all throughout their fur.

Curry brushes, shedding blades, clippers & scissors, stripping combs and Bristol brushes are all great dog grooming gear; detangled fur helps your dog discard old winter fur more simply and sooner.

Keep them Coming

How about some hydration? Dog grooming is one great way to keep him cool, but always keep the water supplied. Maintain a heavy water supply, perhaps a few dishes scattered about the interior and exterior of the home. With heat and fur comes the hefty hydration need of any dog. Shady spots for outdoor playtime and air conditioned rooms with room for rolling around are great ways to keep him cool and happy. Keep well in mind, limiting outdoor play time and lengthy walks are the most welcoming ways too for a more relaxing physical activity.

Depending on the breed of your buddy, along with age and health, dog grooming should be a daily duty. Summertime will cause for the need of this to increase, but that is to increase the happiness, health, and comfort of your dog. It decreases chances of health problems like thrush, scratches and other skin disease. The general grooming and cleanliness of your dog helps monitor his health with the ability to check for scratches, swelling, skin infestations and other problems. Keep your pup pleased, healthy and comfy for the summer; shed them of any sweaty sorrows and they’ll keep on smiling all season long.

On average, year round, dog coats could use a good trimming about every six to nine weeks. It varies per breed of course but when summer hits, it’s a safe bet that the amount of grooming your pal will need, will greatly increase.


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