How to Select Flowers For Your Winter Wedding

If you and your soon to be spouse have decided that winter is the time of year that you would like to get married then you may be concerned as to how much your winter wedding flowers will end up costing you. By getting married during the colder months of the year you may indeed have fewer options then if you were to be getting married in the summertime but you will see that you do have options available by speaking with your local florist. Many times florists are able to import flowers from warmer locations and some even grow flowers themselves under glass.

Knowing this information will no doubt be a great help in planning flowers for a winter wedding.

Timing is extremely important when it comes to flowers and winter weddings. It has become a very popular trend for couples to get married during the Christmas season or New Years. It is however extremely likely that prices for flowers would be at a much higher price then at other times of the year because of the increased demand for them for things such as Christmas wreaths and other holiday decorations. Since red is an enormously popular color during the holiday season roses and other red colored flowers are especially in demand. It is for this very reason that you may be paying much more then you originally thought for red roses for your winter wedding bouquet.

While the prices for winter wedding flower bouquets may run a bit on the high side it is totally possible to find some great bargains. There are many varieties or orchids that would make for some beautifully exotic winter wedding flower arrangements and not cost you an arm and a leg. A tropical themed wedding in the dead of winter would be a lovely break from the cold.

Now while many people think of tulips as a springtime flower they are widely available in the winter months from flower wholesalers. The wonderful thing about tulips is that they come in a wide variety of colors so that you should have no trouble matching them to your wedding theme.

Winter weddings would also be brightened by using lilies or chrysanthemums in the flower arrangements. Both of these incredibly popular flowers are available all year round so you will not have to worry about spending a huge amount of your wedding budget on flowers. If you would like to have your winter wedding flowers with a light and sweet perfume to them, then you cannot go wrong with Oriental lilies.

It would be a very smart idea to meet Kettering Florist  with a florist as soon as possible after deciding that you are having a winter wedding. This way you can take a look a pictures of winter wedding flowers and winter bridal bouquets and will know as soon as possible what flowers will be available during the time period you are looking to be married in. A good florist will be able to tell you what types of flowers will be available and how to best use them in your wedding.
Choosing Wedding Flowers is not difficult if you know a few ground rules and the right conventions. Before you decide on a florist you should ask around to build ideas of how you would wish your flower selection to be, especially any friends or relatives that have recently been married in your locality, and have used local florists. Choosing wedding ceremony flowers is such an important part of the wedding. There are some things to be aware of when you are ready to decide on your wedding flowers.

Bouquets can be designed to comprise different shapes to create texture and drama in the arrangement. Often an interesting flower arrangement results from the selection of flowers and greenery. Bouquets can also be fashioned by keeping in mind the family tradition. Any good wedding florist should have at least a few sample bouquets they can show you. Your Bouquet could set the theme of the supporting flower choice for the reception etc. You may even consider wedding cake flowers.

Selecting the bridal bouquet with affordable flowers, which is further accented with few of the famous exotic flowers, is much more affordable. Ask for your florist for better affordable wedding flower advice. Select a few dramatic showpieces that will complement the existing decor. Be sure to ask if there are any restrictions on wedding flowers at the church. Selecting a florist early in the planning is very important. Even the most creative florist will be limited as to the amount they will be able to handcraft.

Florists are professionals at making arrangements for weddings, and they can create arrangements using your flower choice as inspiration. So whether your favorite is a yellow daisy or a purple orchid, you can use your favorite flower at your wedding. Florists should absolutely guarantee the work, quality, freshness, and on-time delivery of your wedding flowers. They may also work with the baker you have chosen to design your wedding cake or toppers.


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