Choosing Perfectly Fitted Soft Bras

There are numerous types of bras on the market but let’s face it the majority of them are not the most comfortable of garments to wear, more so on a hot day. However the majority of women cannot get away, or don’t feel comfortable, going without a bra and for many women the support of a bra is essential. Soft bras are one type of bra that is very popular and for many reasons, with one of them being the fact that they are the most comfortable type. So how do you go about choosing the best soft bras?

What Is A Soft Bra?

As the name might suggest the soft bra is basically softer and so more comfortable to wear than the majority of bras on the market. For instance many bras are typically underwired and these can be uncomfortable to wear.

The soft version of the bra doesn’t have wires. Instead of having wires at the base the bra often has a band that is a little wider than most bras, along with shoulder kmspicosoft¬† ¬†straps that may be padded. While they are not wired, this doesn’t mean they don’t offer support as most do.

Just as with any other types the soft is generally available in many different colours and styles, so you can always be sure to find the perfect one for your occasion.

How Do I Choose The Correct Size In A Soft Bra?

Just as with any bra, the comfort and support you get out of your soft bra will be determined by the fit of the garment. This is why it is essential that you purchase the correct size and there are some simple tips to bear in mind when determining the size.

With your bra on lean slightly forward when looking into the mirror and if you have the correct size bra your breasts should fill the entire cup. If they are bulging out or they don’t fill it, you have the incorrect size;

Along with checking the cup size, make sure to check the straps too. Straps should not dig into your shoulders but they should not be so loose that they continually fall down off the shoulder. Adjust them for the perfect fit;

The back strap of the bra should fit perfectly too. Get someone to look at your back and tell you if the strap or band at the back is sitting straight across the back and not riding up or arched;

Also check to ensure that your skin isn’t hanging over the strap at the back in a fold. If it is this is a clear indication that you have not chosen the correct size.

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