Inclined wheelchair lifts

Inclined wheelchair lifts are of great help to the disabled and the elderly who find it difficult to climb up or climb down the stairs. Apart from its design (wall or stair mounted), the platform Passenger Lifts functions much like an elevator. The platform can accommodate a wheelchair passenger or passenger on the fold-down seat. ADA compliant lifts have various safety features such as emergency stop switches, safety pan and over speed device. Anti-slip platform surface prevents slips and falls. These lifts can be used indoors and outdoors.

Vertical wheelchair lifts are ideal for locations which do not have ramps or wheelchair entry points. Floors and porches can be easily accessed by wheelchair users. The person need not get up from the wheelchair and can be raised or lowered vertically. These lifts can accommodate wheelchairs of any measurement and are designed to handle considerable weight. They have safety parameters such as broken belt monitor, safety nut, platform safety pans, final limit switches and many more.

Portable lifts can be used indoors and outdoors. This high powered lift can easily help the person access staircases and cars. Being portable, this lift can be kept in vehicle trunks and is designed to attach all standard wheelchairs. Durable tracks ensure grip and sturdiness. The battery operated model can be used any time of the day and requires only minimal maintenance.

Hydraulic and electric powered types are available. The former, though a bit expensive, offer durability and are cost effective in the long run. There are reputable dealers who maintain a ready stock of wheelchair lifts manufactured by popular companies; they can help you choose the right one suiting your specific purposes.

Wheelchair Lifts are accessibility equipment to overcome the hurdles that make daily living a challenge. DAY provides quality stair lifts, wheelchair And platform lifts etc in various models.


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